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About Me 

   Tiffany Lam is a 3D character animator. She was born in Brooklyn, New York where she grew up watching classic Disney and Miyazaki films and developed a love for the fine arts. When Tiffany realized her passion for storytelling through animation, she moved to LA and earned her BA in Animation and Digital Arts at the USC School of Cinematic Art's Hench DADA program. After graduation, Tiffany has worked on various freelance projects as a 3D animator and her animation thesis film "Nooduel " was officially selected for Best Animation in the 2019 Las Vegas Global Film Festival. She hopes that her animations can bring joy and meaning to audiences of all ages around the world. 

   Tiffany currently resides in Austin, TX. She also loves drinking boba, baking, the color pink, and parakeets.  


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